B. Lawrance Nelson
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B. Lawrence Nelson

I live and write in Minnesota where I have been a business owner and entrepreneur for over 30 years.  My last eight years as CFO of a medium-size company has opened my eyes to the "soft tyranny" of local, regional and national government regulations and their intended and unintended consequences upon the liberties our Nation’s founding fathers intended.

This blog site is an outlet for my political, religious and philosophical writings.  I honor a pre-enlightenment form of wisdom where one does not separate knowledge into district categories or "sciences."  I search for truth wherever she may be through whichever sources or combination of sources are required to answer the question why?  I make no apologies for invoking God’s blessings through biblical wisdom paired with writings from modern secularists.  Truth is Truth and has no agenda.  Politics and religion, on the other hand, are entirely agenda driven and are absolutely necessary to capture the metaphysical concept of Truth and make her available in forms, images, symbols and words so that all may have access to the joy of learning by utilizing the absolutely divine gift of thinking!

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